Mobile Internet

If you’re like me you think that surfing the web on your phone is like surfign the web ala 1996. Its slow to download and the pages have no detail and not a lot of room for text or images. Its an ultra simple interface awithout a lot of usefulness yet.

Somehow though there are people out there surfing the net for things over their mobile phones. What they are doing with them I don’t know. but here’s a break down of what phones they are suing to access the internet. My guess thatthe palm Treo is in the “other” category. 

Quoted From comScore MMX:

Nokia Leading the Way
The study found Nokia to be the leading brand of phone for those who regularly access the mobile Web across five of the six countries examined, capturing share ranging from 50 percent in Italy to 22 percent in France. Only in the U.S., where Motorola has the greatest share (26 percent), is Nokia pushed into second place, with a 17 percent share.

Mobile Internet Share of Market as Measured by Penetration by Phone Brand   
September 2006   
U.S., UK, French, German, Italian and Spanish Online Populations   
Source: comScore Networks — Mobile Tracking Study   

Phone Brand      U.S.   France   Germany   Italy   Spain   UK   
———–      —-   ——   ——-   —–   —–   —
Nokia            17%    22%      32%       50%     39%     39%    
Motorola         26%    13%      22%       18%     14%     14%    
Samsung          10%    21%       8%        8%     17%     17%    
Sony Ericsson     6%    14%      12%        5%     11%     13%    
Other            41%    30%      27%       19%     20%     17% 


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