Studio 60 Week 6

I missed last week’s episode of Studio 60 which wasn’t good for the sake of reviewing it, and I haven’t gotten a chance tio watch it online either…I don’t always have unlimited bandwith. I did see that the viewership went from 8 Million to 7 million last week and it seems to have stopped the hemoraging by staying at 7 Million this week too.  (thank god)

I did watch this week and here’s some thoughts…

1. Still 3 guys playing Josh Lyman. Its comforting and disturbing all at the same time. It would be nice if Bradley Whitford could just play Josh, and Matthew Perry and NathannCorddry can model their characters after different West Wing characters. Maybe Sam or Toby?

2. Jordan looks pregnant, explain it already, she can’t carry a coat forever.

3. What’s with the swearing? They said like 5 swear-curse words in 2 minutes there and the FCC doesn’t notice? I know its for authenticity but if other people can’t get away with it how did Studio 60? I am not opposed to swearing on TV, just that we know the rules and all. That hiring the standup guy had all the earmarks of a west wing recruitment scene, but somehow didn’t work. Not sure if it was just them looking at each other too much with blank faces or that he didn’t protest enough with reasons why. It just kinda fell flat and was un-dramatic. I did like though that the standup guy was kind of an african american version of Eddie Iizzard though. I always like the smart history humor.

4. Why do they always confuse improv, sketch and standup????? WTF? You don’t go to an improv theater to see standup. Not at all possible, and what’s the jab about a fake brick wall? Second City doesn’t have any of that although they do have great improv and sketch comedy.

5. I think that seeing Sorokin’s work is nice again, but this show doesn’t have the punch (stickyness) that West Wing had. Both because many people can’t relate to its subject matter (face it, most of TV watching America doesn’t work in hollywood nor care about how it works) and because the storylines and relationship/emotions aren’t strong enough.  Its like at about 50% of what it could be. 

Come on, lets save this ship before it sinks. Give us some storylines/drama to chew on and some stronger characters. Its not about big fancy sets or big names stars, its about the stories of these characters on the show, who they are, where they’re from, why do they do this, what brought them there? What are they up against? How will they succeed? What will they have to overcome? How does it relate to us as middle americans?

And dude,  hire some real sketch writers.


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