Mortgage Fraud

What a haunting thought. Companies that purposley decieve new home buyers in order to make an extra buck. It never fails, there is always someone out there looking to take advantage of you and your ambition to own a home. Mortgage fraud is more malicious than other kinds, because it can ruin your credit and your life. I’ve read about people’s loans falling through, the fees doubling on their loan and other hidden in the fine print penalties that ruined the deal and their ability to keep their home.

If you are in the market for a home and are shopping mortgage lenders be careful and research your lender thouroughly before singing on the dotted line. Be sure that they don’t have any Better Business Bureau complaints against them and ask for 3 references to verify that they have clients that are happy and will tell you what their experience was like. One place you might check out for mortgage loan information and lending is They make a point to protect customer data and comply with spam and do not call regulations.


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