New Marketing Trends

I love the springwise emails weekly because they inspire new ideas for my work and business. They are new business and marketing ideas that have been spotted and are revolutionary or evolutionary. Its a good thing. Check out this week’s list:

Our latest edition is now online at
New business ideas featured this week:

1. Text it loud & local: Wiffiti is a service that enables people to send text messages to
flat screen displays in cafes, bars and clubs. 2. Shoes for good: giving new meaning to ‘two for the price of one’, TOMS donates a pair
of shoes for each pair that customers buy.

3. Greensurance: British car insurer Ecoinsurance offsets 20% of a customer’s car’s CO2
emissions and works with environmentally aware repairers.

4. Cone-shaped pizza: an update on one of our readers’ favourite topics: Kono Pizza.

5. Designer garages: upmarket and stylish made-to-order garage furnishings create
a personal showroom for automotive treasures.

6. Sophisticated soda: DRY is a line of culinary sodas that accentuate and enhance the
taste of food, offering a grown-up, non-alcoholic alternative to wine.


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