They’re back! The mentos experiment II

The experimenters from eepy bird productions are back with a Coke & Mentos sponsored video on Google video. They have over twice the mentos and diet coke they used last time and put on an amazing show. Check it out. They get into a lot of cool stuff with fountains and stuff this time, after the gratuitous “brand money shots”.

 As far as viral advertising goes, coke took a long time to get on board and get this together. Mentos got it quicker, but it wasn’t as good because I am not sure anyone submitted videos of their own experiments like their contest suggested.

Its hard to keep viral & traffic momentum going from the first videos to this when there’s a 4 month gap in between when they are available. I am glad they did jump on board though. Its a cool thing to see marketing change in a way that is more relevant, entertaining and genuine and less about shilling things in sneaky ways.


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