American Greetings

I have been a fan of American Greeting’s cards for a long time now and I just found out that they have 16 free christmas wallpapers for your desktop that you can download on their site that are just as cute as the cards they sell.  I used to buy hallmark cards years ago (who didn’t?) and over the years I find American Greetings in more stores and they have better & more current and modern (and funny) designs. I like the images they have and I think they fit real life pretty well. I downloaded a few and have this pointsettia one n my desktop now. I also really liked the 2 of christmas ornaments. They are all great professional photos, that I couldn’t compete with if I tried to take pictures myself. They are alreadysized to fit your scren perfectly. (they are safe to download too) Apparently they have all kinds of wallpapers available that are seasonal for holidays as well as nature scenes, vacation photos and scenic paintings.  

Check out all these wallpapers for your computer and see which one fits your personality and look the best.


Flying cats

This should be a marketing campaign for cat food.

These cats in Japan have a nice life in an appartment and enjoy the fun playtime that produces these amazing pictures.

Thanks to Junku for sharing them with us all.

I think some cat food company should sponsor him. Or maybe a kitty litter company?


Its not even thanksgiving yet, and Michigan Ave is all decorated already and they have bands out there playing carols, and kids singing in choirs.

What about the Turkey thing? The whole “we came all the way to america to name streets the same as they were in england and kill flightless birds” thing?

Someone was asking in the elevator the other day if there was Thanksgiving in England. Apparently not… Unless they celebrate out going away! Its the “thank god they’re gone” party.

Anyway, get your Christmas shopping done the day after on Black Friday…but still try and concentrate on the pilgrims indians and turkeys until then.

The Catholic Show Podcast

I think the word podcast has finally made its way into most American’s vocbularies. Over the past 3 years the number of podcasts has increased exponentially because of the ability of the iPod to take so many song/audio files digitally with you easily and because of new affordable software that makes editing audio and video much easier for the average person out there.

Its gone so far into our culture that now very specific niche audiences producing podcasts for their specific demographics. One I recently ran across was The Catholic ShowPodcast. t peaked my attention because I am a bit of a lapsed catholic, having been raised catholic years ago. I gave it a listen and its not nearly as preachy as I thought it would be. I think its worth learning more about these ideas to understand them better. Whether you end up changing your beliefs or not. Its always good to fully understand the perspective.

If you are looking to get back in touch with god or just Christian Religious information in general check them out, download The Catholic Show Podcast and listen. I have found that a lot of people who used to shun the idea of religion in their life are going back to it now as adults. I think it may have something to do with middle life or maybe having kids? But it seems to be consistent among a lot of people I know.

Marketing Bonanza

I just read that the big news in Europe isn’t TomKat’s wedding this weekend in Rome, its that Prince William is getting engaged. The press in the US hasn’t really picked up on it, or maybe us Americans are just tired of the Royal Family. Anyway, he is getting engaged to a Kate Middleon. What a nice British name.

The funny part of this is that in Britian they celebrate the obsurdity that is the Royal Family with obsurd ammusement park type gift shop tchotchkes. They put the faces of the engaged and/or married on to t-shirts, mugs, plates and tea towels. How odd. We do not have this custom in America. Not even for family.  Its just seems like the ultimate in cheezy useless meaningless stuff.

What’s truly the most disturbing though is this girl kate willingly put this feather thing on her head and wore it out in public, so now its on all these mugs, plates and tea towels. She should have known better.

This also begins the race between all the members of the press and papirazzi to put enough pressure on the couple to break up the relationship before the marriage ever starts, just to get a good story out of it. I wish them both luck, with the way the press is these days, they’ll need it.

Target coupon codes

I’ve posted about the deals available through the discount coupon codes online at before, but I thought I’d mention it again since the holidays are upon us and people are activley looking for a good deal on gifts for friends, family and coworkers.

One section that I think is particularly useful for finding good deals on gifts is the section on Target cupon codes. There are several deals there that can’t be found anywhere else. Plus Target always has cool and fashionable stuff for great prices. Getting it at an extra discount just makes it sweeter.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Snoozester wake up call

I just have to mention this new wakeup call service/site I’ve been using latley.

Sign up for a free Snoozester account

Its a pretty cheap service and they just ring your phone with an automated (sometimes funny) message. When you answer you hit 1 if you’re awake or if you don’t it will call you back again every 5 minutes until you are. It sounds silly, but when you’re half asleep your brain functions as if you were legally drunk. And when I’m half awake, I’m most likley to just hit the snooze and fall back into sleep like I’m dead. This is good because it helps with that. Check it out.