Studio 60 lives to die another day

Well, studio 60 hasn’t been cancelled yet. Many other NBC shows have been. 20 Good years and Kidnapped are already gone. Many think Friday night lights and Studio 60 are next. Getting viewers with unscripted reality type tv is just too easy right now. People say they hate realty TV but they still watch it. Nothing proves that more than the fact that Survivor and The Bachelor are still on the air many many seasons after we though reality TV would be gone.

Backt to the how at hand though…Studio 60. It did better in the ratings than the fill-in they used last week (Friday night lights) by 9% but I did’t get the official number in the email I usually read. (could they be irked that I write about it after I get those emails?) Anyway I think it was somewhere between 7 & 8 Million viewers, and still in 3rd place for its time slot. The network could look at this 2 ways. One, as that they have to find something that can replace it to get into the 2nd slot and get over 10 million viewers to sell a higher ratings points show on that night, no matter what it is. Or you could look at this as a good placeholder since nothing new in development is any better right now and this at least guarantees you some happy advertisers. Guaranteed sold ad space till the end of the year isn’t a bad thing either.

As for the content of the show, I had a few thoughts. I felt it was another version of 20 hrs in America minus Toby bashing a fence with a stick, but it was told backwards with a lot of flash backs. Some of which I thought were pretty roughly edited in the beginning of the episode. The whole religion thing comes back again, despite my plea…but they seem to have a lot of stuff going on otherwise to distract me so I almost forget its there. Again I hate Amanda Peet.  She’s not authoritative, funny, satirical or ironic in how she delivers her lines. She’s just flat.  So is most of the entire cast. I just want to slap them and say “snap out of it!” act like you actually care about this. Some of their lines were good in this show, and they were delivered as flat as Amy Poehler’s weekend update. Ugh.

Bradley Whitford carries the show with his intensity and Matthew Perry and the guy from Wings seem to feed off it a little bit. The rest of them are pretty much playing dead. I did like the phone scene and I did like some of the other banter between Bradley & Matthew.  I also feel like things need to be speeded up a lot. It just feels like it moves too slowly. Like there isn’t enough going on and it isn’t like the real experience would be.  Like some of these scenes are filler and would have been cut from west wing in the editing process.

A good line from the show is that hollywood isn’t run my liberals, its run by huge corporations and you won’t find any liberals on the board of directors at any of them. How true that is. Business is very Republican.

Anyway, in summary it was an ok show, and I hope it continues to stay on the air at least long enough to finish out the season.


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