What’s google up to these days?

One of my favorite thing to write about was always Google. I am not wring with tehem right now, but I still keep tabs on what’s happening with them in the news. As usual, there’s no shortage of Google news. 

They announced a deal a few days ago with 50 newspapers to put adwords into print ads with the papers when there was more ad sales volume than number of searches, so they would share the revenue by putting these ads into print. I would anticipate them being a filler type ad space, or maybe a filler page insert. I’m not sure what it will look like really. GMSV had a good take on it.

They also have bought JotSpot,a wikitastic company that offers ms office like applications in wikiable formats via the web. They say they have a lot of business customers already, so maybe this is a push to get more google into business on top of the personal use they have now.

All this is not far from when they plunked down an unbelievable sum of money (1.65 Billion dollars) for YouTube, and then found they had to start taking down all the copyrighted material that was the glue to keep people there. One thing for sure, they will be able to count YouTube traffic as a Google property so their comScore numbers will go way up, possibly past Yahoo. Which would be a first.

They are also planning on getting into TV ads and Radio too.  They started as a humble search engine site and have leveraged their biggest asset (traffic) into becoming a huge advertising agency selling all kinds of media. What I’d like to see is some attention to  solving relevance problems with ads in these other media placements. Not just “hey lets copy our ads in other places”, but lets find a way to make them relevant to people so its less like ads, and more like information you really want, whether its with search, daypart or by some other means. That is what makes it successful, not that its from Google. Although making these high entry point media types available to the masses and to buy them in small quantities, does open up the market a bit. Although human approval of the ads will have to be a part of the mix, you can’t deal with the FCC like its the internet. 

What’s next for Google after that? Who knows!


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