I’m contemplating moving again…somehow there’s always something wrong with where I live and something I have to get to that I’m really far away from. Now its the north side of the city. Everything I have to do is there. I spend an hour each way trying to get there bcause I am located south and west and there’s no direct route. I’m pretty sure I will be working downtown for at least the next few years so a move to the north side might mak a lot of sense. It would mean I’d spend about the same but be closer to what I am involved in. Which would in general make things easier and less crazy. We’ll see if the fed lowers interest rates this January to make this possible. I’d like to lock in something low for 30 years because this moving in 5 years thing isn’t going to happen again. Wherever I land, I will most likley stay for longer than that this time. I would also be a much trickier buyer this time, and build a lot more custom stuff into the condo. None of this laundry in the basement shit. I would make sure it had everything I needed now and for a long time to come. Nesting comfortably isn’t easy or cheap.


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