I noticed the other day that I didn’t have a flashlight in my car. This would normally not be an issue, but I had opened the trunk and taken out the felt barrier thing that keeps the trunk contents concealed when you have a hatchback and when I did this, I dropped one of the screws used for the assembly. It was dark and late and I crawled around looking for it, but I never found it. If only I had a flashlight in my car!

I now have to go find more of those pesky little screws to replace the one I lost, and I have to buy a flashlight. I found this today and think it looks like a good brand and model to buy and keep in my trunk. Super high intensity looks good to me.

Its not the only model they sell, they have a variety of flashlightsfor a variety of purposes.  Many are professional grade models like the ones police and firefighters use. I think these would be good Christmas gifts for the outdoorsman kind of guy, or the “works on cars a lot” kind of guy. They also offer free shipping for orders over $29.95. So check out the flashlights online and give the gift of light this holiday season.


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