Mobile Marketing Season

Most of us marketing people think that summer is the mobile marketing season. Spring to Fall is the best most dependable weather and you can hit all the outdoor festivals across the country to pass out your tchotchkes. 

There is a second and brief mobile marketing season, which is happening right now. Its the christmas season. There have been new mobile marketing tours passing through downtown and setting up shop around our building for the past week. We’ve seen Ocean Spray pitch cranberries in a mock bog while giving out crasins & juice samples, Microsoft get out the word about Zune their new iPod like mp3 player with a free (freezing) concert by a rapper I had never heard of, and TMobile set up a basketball toss to promote your Fave 5. (whatever that is)

Its all in an effort to get you to think of them for Christmas(or in Ocean Spray’s case, Thanksgiving). Its tough being one of those people that has to run these tours. You’re on the road traveling to a new city every few days (for 3-6 months), usually driving your own truck, setting up your own displays and then forcing yourself to interact with complete strangers to pitch a product they are usually not interested in while they walk down the sidewalk to work in the morning.  I don’t envy their position one bit.

And the results from these campaigns are sketchy at best. You try and set up a custom site or URL for people to go to online to “get” something from the company and measure how many visitors you get and signups if that applies. Or in consumer goods, you measure the redemption of the cupon codes you passed out through your grocery store network. A lot of companies don’t even do that though. They just say it’s “branding” and necessary.

If there is a specific way to measure the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign and the cost per conversion of whatever your company sells/offers then its worth a try. If its higher than a lot of other methods you use to market/advertise then dump it. If its on par or less, then you’ve got a winner. Happy traveling!


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