Studio 60 another week …

I have been critical of the Studio 60 show in my posts here because I was a fan of the West Wing and I knew that this show could do what that one did for drama on TV. (make it valuable again) But I am not sure its going to get there… I watched the latest episode last night, and while its getting more expressive and less flat, and starting to move a bit faster, its no west wing. This 2 part ep reminded me of 20 Hours in America, so I watched that last night after Studio 60. And boy are they different. I laughed outloud about 10 times in 20 Hrs in America, and was equally gripped by the dramatic moments. I was not at all drawn in to Studio 60 nor did I really laugh. I hope this series finds itself soon, I’d like it to be better because I know it can be better.


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