I ws at the Jewel last night doing some grocery shopping and I unwittingly wandered into the Christmas isle. I have more than enough Christmas decorations already, but the marketing sucks me in and I always think there’s something that’s so cute it lands in the cart. The 2 things I ended up with last night were:

1. LED Christmas Lights – They looked so techie to me, could the tree really be lit up by LED lights? Would they really use less energy? Well, i got them home and plugged them in, and almost blinded myself. They are about 10 X brighter than regular christmas lights. They don’t have that homey glow that the old kind has, but if your goal is to light the entire room or to make your house visible from as far away as possible, these will work perfectly. Seriously, they were so bright I could read a book by them.

2. Ziploc christmas color containers – Oh-So-Cheezy, but I bought them anyway.

What will the marketers think of next?


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