King Tut

I went to see the Field Museum’s King Tut exhibit in Chicago this weekend and recomend it if you are into antiquities and artifacts. Its a looong exhibit so wear comfortable shoes. You will be waiting in a maze of lines first for a while, then you will be dodging other people as you try to read about these amazingly old artifacts of live thousands of years ago.

Of course I have to notice the marketing for an event like this. Some observations:

1. They route you in from the side entrance as to not bother the regular part of the museum with all the lines. This pis probably good.

2. They don’t require you to pay regular admission, although you exit into the main lobby of the museum and can go explore prehitoric fish if you want to. This is good too.

3. The purchase process on their site worked well, getting tickets back in August was easy. With tax, srvice fees and mailing, the tix cost around $25.00 each. You get an assigned time to try to avoid lines and backlog of crowds in the exhibit, but it still happens anyway. I would pay double that to be able to go in a smaller group of like 10 people at a time, to avoid crowds. 

4. The promotion on billboards, the museum banners, direct mail and to members does a good job of getting the word out to the people who are in those networks. It doesn’t do much to reach the majority of people in Chicagoland though. I think that the museum really relies on word of mouth for most of their marketing. The people who come see the exhibit and enjoy it tell other people (brag) about it because its so rare, so beautiful, so informative…etc… I think the blogging world might help them in this area. Why not have the person who is aranging setting up the exhibit write about the history, information and behind the scenes processes (that aren’t confidential) in 200 word posts with pictures on a blog, and see if the blogosphere generates some buzz? You can even get people from Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota and Ohio to come out and see it and make a weekend of it in the big city. Oh, the ideas are limitless…

5. Anyway…here’s my contribution to the WOM marketing the Field Museum likes so much: Go see King Tut before it’s gone on January 1st, 2007. After that he will be back in Egypt by law permanently.


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