More links from the 2.0 world

1. Artvertising – what happens when 2.0 goes offline

2.  What is this? would anyone really want their name on a site called “Too Spoiled”?

3. JellyFish – fish like shopping, JellyFish masters it.

4. Podlinez – get podcasts on your phone! Just dial the number and listen. What a great way to avoid confrontation on the train 🙂 

5. TIME is back with the Person of the Year edition again. This time YOU could be the person on the electronic billboard in Time Square.  Check it out and upload your picture here at

6. 99 Ways to tell a radio story. Well there may be more than that, but check out those posted so far.  (and upload one yourself too)

7. Banana Shortage in Australia. Weird things happen. 

8. Most of us will never be on TV, but if you ever get the opportunity, here are some good tips to follow. 

9. This is just funny.

10. People taking pictures of the election festivities. Time to fire up the West Wing DVDs again. We’re in blue country again.

11.Ze Frank’s got a new look for his site. Apparetly those duckies are paying for some design and development time. 

12. Mobile Play – for those who don’t want to listen to podcasts on their phone. Its convergence allright, but through the multipurpose route not the 15 gadgets in 1 route.

13. Magnatune for MP3s – we are not evil? Are you sure?

14. Online storage for everything. If you trust someone else with your stuff…ok, we hope the servers won’t go down and that they believe in extreme redundancy.

15. Not sure why this is supposed to be cool, but people seem to like this bitty browser because its a browser in a browser. Somedays, I’m just not geek enough to get some of this stuff.

16.  In case you had any doubts…Google really is evil. 


One thought on “More links from the 2.0 world

  1. Hey,
    Just searching back through the google webmaster tools and saw this article linked to us. From an sf marketing guy to a mid-western marketing gal – nice site.

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