Trump’s advice for business

Many self help books and CDs have big promises for a little money. They know that the majority of us want to change and just haven’t found the way to get the most change with the least effort. Well that’s the principle with these new “Business” CDs from Donald Trump’s Trump University. Learn the Art of Buying a Business. They lay out a plan where you can become a business owner by buying a business that’s already running, rather than building one from scratch. Its a quick fix, that mentions nothing about running the business, management, leadership or other business skills. Its the throw me in deep water method of being a business owner. Which is ok, if you like that. It is kind of the American way now. I think they may change the Declaration of Independence to from “We the people” to “Its better to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission”. If you believe in that, you should definitely buy these CDs.


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