Marketing Bonanza

I just read that the big news in Europe isn’t TomKat’s wedding this weekend in Rome, its that Prince William is getting engaged. The press in the US hasn’t really picked up on it, or maybe us Americans are just tired of the Royal Family. Anyway, he is getting engaged to a Kate Middleon. What a nice British name.

The funny part of this is that in Britian they celebrate the obsurdity that is the Royal Family with obsurd ammusement park type gift shop tchotchkes. They put the faces of the engaged and/or married on to t-shirts, mugs, plates and tea towels. How odd. We do not have this custom in America. Not even for family.  Its just seems like the ultimate in cheezy useless meaningless stuff.

What’s truly the most disturbing though is this girl kate willingly put this feather thing on her head and wore it out in public, so now its on all these mugs, plates and tea towels. She should have known better.

This also begins the race between all the members of the press and papirazzi to put enough pressure on the couple to break up the relationship before the marriage ever starts, just to get a good story out of it. I wish them both luck, with the way the press is these days, they’ll need it.


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