The Catholic Show Podcast

I think the word podcast has finally made its way into most American’s vocbularies. Over the past 3 years the number of podcasts has increased exponentially because of the ability of the iPod to take so many song/audio files digitally with you easily and because of new affordable software that makes editing audio and video much easier for the average person out there.

Its gone so far into our culture that now very specific niche audiences producing podcasts for their specific demographics. One I recently ran across was The Catholic ShowPodcast. t peaked my attention because I am a bit of a lapsed catholic, having been raised catholic years ago. I gave it a listen and its not nearly as preachy as I thought it would be. I think its worth learning more about these ideas to understand them better. Whether you end up changing your beliefs or not. Its always good to fully understand the perspective.

If you are looking to get back in touch with god or just Christian Religious information in general check them out, download The Catholic Show Podcast and listen. I have found that a lot of people who used to shun the idea of religion in their life are going back to it now as adults. I think it may have something to do with middle life or maybe having kids? But it seems to be consistent among a lot of people I know.


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