Web for thought

1. I was aranging my 398 film queue at Netflix, and though what would it be like if IMDB and Netflix merged? That would be cool to reference information about films and then be able to rent, buy or view them online. 

2. Is this the next generation prius? 

3. Great product packaging, but Im not sure it would taste good. I still want to buy it just for the bottles though. Metromint.

4. Another web analytics startup.

5. More product packaging changes…pepsi.

6. Become an M&M promotion.

7. Super Coolness – listpic takes craigslists ads and views them by their photos all on one page.

8. The web 2.0 graveyard.

9. More flickr skillz

10. Google moves into your shopping mall

11.  We begin to say goodbye to Ze Frank and The Show.

12. Joost – TV online – like somehow different from all the other TV online…

13. “24” puts DVD of shows out a week after they air. 

14. Are you ready? The Chicago Auto Show starts in less than 2 weeks.


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