Marketing tip of the day: MySpace

Marketing on MySpace

I have been trying to gather my wits and understanding of this alternate universe called MySpace for the past few months. I have gathered these thoughts about it for social & marketing purposes.

1. Its addictive because of a few reasons. You become transfixed by how many friends you have listed, how many views your blog has and by the bulletins and messages and new friend requests you recieve. Somehow this is relate to your own self esteem in a very jr high school kind of way. It is a big popularity contest, no one wins but everyone wants to get attention anyway.

2. It is convienient to stay connected via blog/photos/videos/bulletins with your entire social life all in one place.  (hello, time on site and page view numbers)

3. The WOM (word of mouth) factor is high when your friends recommend things to you via myspace. Music, movies, profiles of the tv shows you watch. Its a running log of what you and your friends are into at the moment. People are older here than you think…plus a large number of people use 99 or 100 as their age on their profiles just to screw with marketers. Having false info in your profile is totally allowed and sometimes the main source of entertainment. So, don’t take demograpical data from MySpace too seriously. Plus people have the right to remain anonymous so they will just make up whatever they want.

4. If you want to reach people via myspace you can do a few things right off the bat:

a. Create an interesting profile, pix, stories, videos, history about you and why  people should be interested in you, your work, your company or product.

b. Request to add your friends, coworkers, relatives, pets and so on as friends to geta a good group going.

c. Blog a lot… Like, daily if possible. Interestingness & frequency are key within your target demographic and content area.

d. Bulletin things out to the group regularly, like once a week. Got a new CD? Send a bulletin about a free preview download, or updates along the way. You’d be suprised how many people/performers/companies using myspace never send out any bulletins or update their information or content.

e. Search by interest and request to add those people as friends if you’re really in the make friends and market myself area. It can’t hurt.

f. If your a company, have an actual person be available via myspace that can respond daily. Its better than a profile that’s static and never changes. Plus have good entertainment available there, updated regularly and honest (funny) dialouge.

g. If you’re a big company spending ginormous dollars on ads on myspace and profiles, please back it up with updates and a real person to interact with on the profile.

All in all, its not a lot different from blogs, flickr or YouTube, its just combined into one place.


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