Bears Madness in the super bowl

Its only a week until the super bowl and the bears madness is finally taking over Chicago.

I still can’t believe that they are even going to the super bowl. Its so unbelievable that after 21 years and so many bad seasons they have gotten this far. We’ve always been cautious of how excited we get about the Bears, and most sports teams in Chicago. We get let down a lot. Besides the bulls winning the NBA championship 6 times in the 90’s, and the White Sox winning the world series in 2005, we’re really not a winning city. The Cubs are a huge example and the Bears have been for a long time too.

In fact the marketing for buying tickets to the sports teams games in Chicago is always phrased with things like “for the love of the game” or “good sportsmanship means more than winning” or even “get sloshed while your team gets squashed” at some points. We don’t expect winnings anymore.

So, that’s why things have been so tentative here. No real Bears craze this season until this week. We didn’t believe it could really happen.  And we’re really tentative about getting beaten in the Super Bowl. So, we won’t fully enjoy it if they do win. No one knows the players names, and no one owns bears hats or jerseys this time around.

In contrast all of 1985-86 was built around this crazy cast of characters on that year’s team. We had McMahon pissing off the media and the NFL, Perry being heralded the biggest guy to play the game ever, and Walter Payton breaking records one right after another. It was a colorful and stellar cast. Even the supporting cast was interesting.  Willie Gault was a former Olympic Sprinter and Kevin Butler was a kicker that couldn’t miss.

This year I don’t know anyone except some erlacker guy who blocks and an inconsistent quarterback named Rex and a coach who sells comcast tripple plays called Lovie. And a guy that got into a bar shooting a few weeks ago that I don’t remember his name. I hope they pull together a good game, but I also hope they pull together a winning personality to be able to make this memorable and concrete for the City of Chicago.


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