Link Update 3.9.07

There are so many great new sites out there every day. Here’s what I discovered this week:

1. Blueprint Blog (the next 3 are courtesy of Blueprint)
2. The cutest purse ever (where was this when I needed a new one last month?)
3. A pretty good cooking blog
4. Urban Traveler Blog
5. The total internet audience grew 10% in 2006.
6. Freaky Weird
7. Upload your flickr photos to this gallery. They displayed one of mine.
8. Ning – build your own social network
9. A fun social experiment
10. Spin the wheel of lunch….
11. A new flickr toy
12. Edit Photos online with Snipshot
13. Yet another traffic ranking and metrics site. This one doesn’t have a lot of sites registered yet though.
14. An online collaborative whiteboard site. Skrbl
15. Another online photo editing site. Picnik
16. Top companies for customer satisfaction
17. Google Phone List
18. Creating a chart from google spreadsheets
19. Another Youtube offshoot.
20. Tumblr – although I have enough blogs already
21. Twitter – mobile updates from web and to web
22. Space Invaders Widget for your Google custom Home Page
23. Bob Woodruff returns to TV
24. Build your own fiat 500
25. web 2.0’s top 1000 list. Soooo many sites to explore there.


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