Marketing Trend Update: Mobile

I’ve been hearing a lot about mobile phone marketing latley and its not making much sense.

According to eMarketer marketing to people on their cell phones is starting to take off and they project a lot of spending in the next 5 years. I don’t think that its possible to do a lot of what people do online now on a cell phone so I don’t think this is a successful strategy for most companies. I think the companies trying this right now are probably just looking to “say” that they understand it and do this to advertise to differentiate themselves from other companies, but they don’t truly. (unless youre in Japan)

The things I think might be good for cell phone web uses:

1. Finding food & drink when you’re out and about.

2. Maps when you get lost, help me find directions, where I need to go when driving and how to get somewhere using public transit if I don’t know how to get there.

3. Maybe the click to buy thing eventually, but its a big step from cash, to plastic cards, to gadgets buying things…

4. Entertain and inform me somewhat. I’d like news updates, I’d like to be able to customze them by interest, and if I’m out and about, I’d like breaking news. Hello newspapers… Don’t try though to put a music concert on my cell phone, be consious of what works on a 2 in by 2 in screen with limited resolution.

5. Text friend updates/maps. Without being like big brother, it would be cool to know when a friend was near by, btu I don’t want to know their exact location at all times, that’s creepy.

So if you’re working for or with a company that is saying that mobile phone marketing is the next big thing, take it with agrain of salt, and look to the data to see what works and doesn’t and then go that way.


4 thoughts on “Marketing Trend Update: Mobile

  1. Well, I beg to differ on that because if you look at statistics given by eMarketer, you would learn that there are one and a half times more users of Mobile Phones in the worl than the Internet. Out of which 50% might be repaets, hence increasing the number of Mobile Phone users.
    Observe : the trend of Marketers wanting to reach the End-Consumer with a Sure-shot, Discreet, Cheap and Personal Manner will be defined and re-defined as Mobile Marketing Campaigns.
    If you think my voice has any weight in it, visit my blog : for more info.

  2. True statistic. However the challenge lies in finding a way to use it! Lots of people had phones (the kind with wires) in the past. But other than tele-marketeers, nobody really thought much about using them as a communication medium. Must be some reason for that, no?


  3. Thanks for the comments, but I wouldn’t say that just because more people have cell phones than the internet, that they all have internet on their cell phones. Internet use on the cell phone is a very small percentage of the total. It isn’t possible on a lot of old or cheaper phones, its an expensive add on service, and its still a 2in by 2in screen. How much can you really read on there? Its not good for everything.

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