Where have I been?

My blogging seems to be pretty sporatic latley, based on how busy I am with work. Sometimes its simply too much to sit down and write a fw paragraphs after 12 hrs of work.

That aside I also have some other disturbign news. I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Cervical Cancer this week. We don’t know how serious it is yet, but its definitley not going away on its own. I will either have to have minor surgery to remove the areas they found it in, or major surgery to remove everything ala hysterectomy. I will know more next week.

Is this scary? Yes, but I think the thought of just not having kids is a lot better than facing death. If this was not discovered now, I could have been dead in a year or two. So I will gladly give up my rights to reproduction in exchange for my life.

Cervical Cancer and HPV are diseases most people don’t know about and the health profession hasn’t found cures or foolproof ways to erradicate them from society yet. Science is playing a bit of catch up on this one. We thought that condoms stopped everything, and it turns out HPV goes through them and causes cancer a good percentage of the time. So now when women just learned that AIDS is easily preventable and got comfortable, we’re being attacked by a new disease. How can you prevent it? Just one way. Don’t ever have any sex, not oral, not regular, not at all. No sexual contact. So we’re back to the 1800’s now, thanks to this virus.

The cervical cancer vaccine that’s in the news might help, but there are strains that aren’t covered by it, and like most viruses, they mutate. So it may change in a few years time. It seems that the diseases seem to advance as fast as science and medicine does.

I am thankful though that for right now I have health insurance that is covering most of the costs so this won’t end up causing bankruptcy or anything but I don’t know what will happen if people who don’t have insurance get this, and have to go through pauing out of pocket.

I also think that women don’t know why they get pap smears. They don’t know what they test for or why this is important. So they skip them, and then something like this gets out of hand in a few years and can kill you. My advice go see your gynecologist once a year minimum, and ask a lot of questions.


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