Amazing, what you can get for free these days

I am amazed at what companies will give away to you just to get you to sign up for a monthly service. Even if what you’re getting for free is worth more than the monthly service is itself. Take free cell phones for example, they are commonly given away with cell phone service, and now even the new and recent styles of phones are free with a sign up. I guess they calculate the value of you staying with them for a year or two, and it nets out ok, but for us its great, because you have to pay for the service anyway, so why not get a new phone for free? Yes, its a marketing technique, and sometimes an affiliate marketing strategy, but in this case I think the consumer wins when they really get something of value that they need. And that’s when marketing plans work, when they re relevant to the consumer.

Right now wirefly has 3 of the hottest phones out ight now available free with signup. Which is cool. They have the razr V3, the blackberry pearl (great for texting and text messages) and the sony w300i. They’re all cool, but I like the razr the best. Its so thin! And they have connections with other cell phone providers so you can get on a network that you know and that you have all your friends on. Hello, free anytime minutes within network!

If you are someone who likes to get good deals on cell phones, and doesn’t want to go from store to store looking and comparing all the different phone plans, wirefly seems like a great site. They have everything there in one place, and you can choose your phone, your service and your extras and options. Its kind of the google of the cell phone world. They have 9 cell phone providers and 13 cell phone manufacturers to choose from. I think most anyone could find something there to fit their needs.


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