The Riches and You – tonight on FX

the riches show fxThe Riches, is a new TV drama (with comedy undertones) on FX that premieres tonight. Its about a family of travelers (gypsy like people in the south) that end up taking over a family’s life who was killed in an auto accident. It’s a struggle to adapt to suburban life as well as pull of the biggest con they’ve ever done with being believable indefinitley as this dead family. Its a show that instantly draws you into the characters because its easy to indentify with them and the american dream idea we all struggle to achieve.  Some of us achieve more of it than others, and these people have figured out the shortcut. (one long ass short cut, they say) 

As a special treat, FX has made this premier episode available online to view for free on MSN and it the premier is tonight (in its regular time slot) Monday March 12 on FX at 9pm central/10pm eastern time. I think its worth a look more than any other show this season. I can’t name any other show that combines the irony of the american dream, the competitive apathy of suburbanism,  the legal and illegal manipulations people stage and a transvestite child.  I actually didn’t notice the transvestism in the episode until I watched it a second time, and saw the boy in the opening scene in the pink dress. You see it later in the episode, but somehow it didn’t connect the first time I saw it. There’s a lot going on, and it comes at you fast.

There are a coulple continuity issues, like after Eddie (Wayne) gets beat up, he is seemingly fine, and doesn’t show any sign of pain. The youngest boy is the secret squirrel in the “pulled over” scene and goes into the police car but they never show the result of his tinkering and why he went in there or what a secret quirrel means to them. (but I love the false TV for hiding things, how fun) They never explain if the people who die had kids or not, (they aren’t shown in the crash) and if they did, why haven’t they shown up yet to contest these stragers living in their home?  More of these questions may be answered in the following episodes, but I’ve only seen the first one.

Basically with these few continuity things aside, its a great show that has you gripping the edge of your seat as you see the family come upon each hurdle in their journey, and you laugh at the comic reality and irony of these people’s lives because we’ve all been there too, in some way. Its a series that I think has a lot of potential to go places, and I plan on tuning in for the season. You should too. Hope you enjoy the show…

Make sure to stop by their psychadelic site to check out the weekly updates and extras there too. 


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