The online and interactive advertising business is booming right now. I have gotten 4 emails from people interested in my resume (this week) and its not even current. I can’t imagine they think I’m looking for a new job when the resume they have hasn’t been updated in years, because I’m happily working where I am right now. They’re contacting me because its so hard to find online marketers when everyone is looking for people who understand this medium as it expands. I think online marketing strategists and analysts must be as hard to find and hire as nurses right now.

If you work in this field and have any interest in a new position, post your resume online and check out the listings on the job boards. There seems to be a lot happening right now. And its all a bit crazy. The bottom line is, that if you’re looking for a new opportunity in the online advertising (sales, analysis & client relations) space now is the time to make your move.


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