Diet Coke

I’ve noticed a new campaign floating around on Outdoor ad space for Diet Coke and the Coke Zero this week. I specifically like the 3 outdoor ads I saw on bush shelters this week.

One shows a diet coke can with a starbucks style cardboard ring around it, titled “good morning”. This is great because it expands the use of the product beyond the lunch-dinner times. I’ve drunk diet coke in the morning when coffee isn’t available before, so this isn’t that much of a stretch, and its a lot cheaper than a $5 coffee.

The second has a diet coke can upside down and says “yoga class”. To me this is kitchy trend humor. I don’t think diet coke has anything to do with yoga, or is relevant to it at all. But the yoga demographic might be close to the diet coke demographic.

The third has 3 diet coke cans and says “3 hr meeting”. This is also very true. If you’re locked in a conference room for 3 hours with your coworkers on a meeting all afternoon, you’ll need 3 diet cokes to get through it. So true indeed. Or you could have a mt dew or redbull. Those work faster and stronger. So diet coke has more to worry about than just coffee.

I think these are nice branding/awareness/product expansion ads. I hope they help meet the sales goals that Coke has for them.


One thought on “Diet Coke

  1. for the yoga class one i made the association of yoga as helping you to get through the day. The diet coke(as shown in the picture) is symbolized to be a savior helping you through the day.

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