Thanks for the show; Ze Frank

I watched the last show in Ze Frank’s “The Show” video podcast project this weekend and like thousands (~150,000) other people I am sad to see it go. I genuinely hope that Ze can find a project that keeps his lighthearted approach to political analysis and daily random humor on-line. 

A few things you may not know about Ze’s show. According to an independent 3rd party data company, it gets more women visitors than men. You’d never know that from who submits the videos and participates. Also, the largest percentage of people are in the 45-55 age group. I don’t think this is completely accurate. Its partially from the web 2.0 techie groupies that watch him daily, and partially also from the younger viewers that view from mom & dad’s computer, which registers the parent’s demographic information for tracking.

I sincerely hope that Ze gets hired for another video-casting gig. I think his style is better suited for the web than TV, and with the amount of time people are spending entertaining themselves on-line these days, there’s no point in going to TV or Movies anytime soon. There’s plenty of entertainment on the web, and that’s only going to grow in 2007.

But thanks again to Ze for his year long experiment (which I think was profitable as well as fun) and all the great fun it has been to watch and be enthralled with this year. I’ve pretty much told everyone I know about this show, and we’re all still watching.

Which one of the sports racers will pick up the baton and run with it next?


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