Important news in Search Marketing

I saw this bulletin from the center for media research, and initially thought, ok thats logical. Search is a pretty common strategy for finding more or new information about something. And I didn’t think more of it. Then I read some of the buzzy posts floating out in the media-blogosphere and realized that we just verified a hunch that many of us have about search engine marketing. Which is that to find your information from an offline ad, people don’t type in your site address, or even the URL listed in the ad. They search.

This affects any and all media strategies in the way that you’ve got a huuuge break in the chin of events that someone goes through to get to your product/company if you don’t have SEO and SEM practices in place. Unless you expect people to go directly to your store, people will most likley use their computer/internet to evaluate and make decisions about your products and getting them there is the first challenge. Having good organic SEO rank (top 3) for brand, product name and generic product names is good for catching customers in this web/net. But what if you released a new product and your site isn’t optimized for those keywords yet? What if you’re a small site without enough rank to come up on top? Then your best bet is Keyword buying (SEM) on those brand, product names and product category (and location if that is another factor) keywords.  People really do use these links, because its above the clutter and they may match what the user wants more than the orgainic listings.

So if you’re planning a marketing push, an advertising campaign, or just about anything…keeping your company/product above the fray on search is essential to getting people to your site and achieving your goals. We’ve suspected that people search after seeing newspaper ads, tv ads and magazine ads, but this proves it for real. Make sure your campaign includes this essential element.


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