Software Developers are Gods


Ok, that was childish. Very childish infact, but I’m really getting annoyed by the amount of software developers that think they are gods and think they are going to start the next microsoft, google or youtube. It’s true there have been a number of innovative sites in the past 10 years that have changed the way that people go about their lives, but not every developer is going to become a billionaire and the arrogance about them is really innapropriate. What is scary is that they get this idea from other people’s examples and this is widley accepted to be the only growing and evolving industry where people can make a good living and possibly a fortune anymore. Our economy has changed and these developers have the knowledge of code and databases and p2p networks that make the economy grow. As a result the few old men with more money than they will ever be able to spend are buying companies like this, that they don’t really understand, in an attempt to keep making more money that they will never spend. Many of these developers live to manufacture a company just so it can be bought by a VC and they can “sell out” for a huge payout. It seems fake, contrived and disingenuos all at the same time. And both you and I know that no life-changing, paradigm-shifting, or popular site was ever started that way.

2 things come to mind when I encounter this arrogance.

1. These guys are going to be sorely dissapointed someday. These are 30 yr old geeks, with honda civics and they talk business strategy like they are Donald Trump. Not only are they not equipped with all the information to make good business decisions, they sure aren’t qualified to brag about it. They all look for the holy grail of VC and dream of all the gadgets they will buy with their first million while consuming feeds on Digg, Reddit and Ycombinator while getting a buzz. Its as aggrivating as it is pathetic. What happened to moderate levels of success in America? What’s wrong with a good salary and a good job that lasts over a good career? Why does everyone think they have to make $1 million by age 30 and be into $10 million by 40?  Just to show off? That’s a huge pipe dream. Even in Silicon Valley.

2. I can’t help forsee change on the horizon. If you grew up in the 1950’s you became an engineer because machines are what made, moved and produced everything. Hmmm. We don’t manufactre widgets anymore in this country do we? What happens when we don’t produce software or web aps here anymore either? What happens when the VC money goes to other countries? I can’t help but think that at some point just like gear and lever powered machines aren’t the backbone of our economy anymore, that software won’t be at some point either. I think these people should be open to learning about a lot more than just software businesses. There are impactful innovations that can be huge outside the web world. Things that can impact daily life for millions of people. Why aren’t the smart people interested in working on those?


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