More Google AdWords Advice

I have worked with Google AdWords for about 3 years now and have posted before about the techniques I have for getting better ROI out of campaigns. Today I noticed that Scoble posted a video from a Paid Search Analyst (like me) and he talks about the strategies and techniques he uses also. I am happy to report they aren’t really different than mine. It’s always good to know that you’ve been going down the right road. It is also fair to mention that the size of the account and the amount spent does affect results. The more $ you have the lower your cost per conversion will be because teh Google system favors good CTR and its easy to get a good CTR when you can afford a higher bid and a lot more impressions. So with that said, the big guys do have an advantage. Check out the video though, and see if there are any tips in there for optimization that you can use too.


2 thoughts on “More Google AdWords Advice

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