Living room sofas and furniture

I am looking to sell my condo and move into the city soon and the more I look at new condos and townhomes, the more I want to get rid of my living room furniture. I got it cheap second hand/used when I first moved in and it was a step up from a futon, but now I look at it’s brown chenile print and giant rolled armrests and think 1996. What seems to fit better in most city appartments are sofa sectionals. Many of us remember sectional sofas from the 1970s but they’re back and they are more stylish and modern than they were last time around. Plus they are built in sections so it is easier to move them into small condos with small doorways. I also have seen some leather sofas that are really nice. Contrary to what people think, a leather couch can last a long time and be very durable if it is taken care of properly. I also think a nice leather couch just looks classy when people come over, and never goes out of style. So I have some home decorating to think about, and hopefully I will find a buyer for my place soon.


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