Particls News by RSS on your desktop

I got a blurb in an email about a new RSS fed desktop widget/ticker software/service a few months ago and signed up to find out when it would be publicly available, and I am excited to say that it is available now. I downloaded Particls and have it running on my work computer and it is pretty cool to get real time alerts via RSS of any feed I want. They let you add RSS addresses in directly and add keywords that they search for and deliver news on also. The specific feed option is better because they seem to filter the news by keyword, and only show things with a lot of traffic or posts. I’m not sure on that but that’s my theory. Anyway, it seems to take less time to get caught up with feeds this way than in a reader like bloglines or google reader. I’ve tried those and abandoned them when there are so many unred posts that it looks insurmoutable. So, this might be an option for people who have enough bandwith, processing power to run this in the background and have a .net framework running on their computer. I’m not sure if it is MAC compatible right now, because I’m on windows. Anyway, I thought it was new and cool, so I thought I’d share.


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