Banner Ads – cost effective or crap?

In the beginning of the internet advertising era, banners were the only kind of ad you could buy. So if you wanted to advertise on the net, you had to buy them. Now there are banners, intersicials, text ads, contextual and behavioral targeting, email marketing, prefered placement and search engines all competing for those dollars. How are you going to decide which to buy? How do you guage effectiveness comparisons when they are all different? Well you should most definitley track through to the conversion for ROI analysis. If you just look at impressions and clicks, ads all look great. If you continue to drill down into which ads produce converting, buying, signup people to your business, those are the ones truly worth the cost and should be renewed and maybe even increased in future campaigns. The ones that don’t should be looked at to find the problem, and if there isn’t an issue with tracking or targeting or creative, they should be dropped. Cost effectiveness in marketing and advertising is not new, but it is crucial to the success of your company.


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