The Police – concert memories of the 80’s

I am a bit older than most of the people who blog…I remember the first time that The Police were popular (before Sting was just Sting on his own) and I am excited that they have decided to get the band back together and go out on tour again. It seems perfectly fitting since everything 80’s is back again from clothes to music to earth day all over again.

Back in 1986 I was in 8th grade and my friend Jenny Karich begged her parents to go to a concert and The Police were part of the one we went to at the Rosemont Horizon (it’s now called AllState Arena). We were wayyyy up in the top nosebleed seats and I think we may have ended up at their concert partially because her parents had to chaperone us and they actually liked The Police. (her parents were much more hip than mine) I really can’t say I saw much from that steeply tilted seat near the celing, but the place was electric anyway. (Roooooxxxane!) It was just exciting to be out and hear music in person at a real concert for the first time. (and to try and flirt with boys at the concert) Other popular singers of that time were there for some reason too in kind of a group thing, Peter Gabrien and Bryan Adams were the  ones I liked a lot too. But of course when I listen to the Police CD of the Greatest Hits this concert is what I remember. I thought that Sting was cute, and in fact I still think he is today. Some people age well, he hasn’t aged at all. Amazing!


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