Car Marketing & Sales Tactics

I am starting my search for a new car and as usual I am appaled at the sales and marketing tactics that dealers use to sell cars. And I AM a marketer. How offensive do you have to be to offend a marketer with deceptive and manipulative sales tactics??? I went and drove a Prius which is a very nice and very over priced car and see that they only order fully loaded Priuses. The cost of the car is $28,000.00 with a options package of $6,900.00. Without the $6,900.00 it is a more reasonable $21,100.00. But of course they have it automatically ordered with all that stuff on it purposly so they make more profit on the options and probably meet an upgrade quota too. It’s disgusting the games they play. And then they play more games with devaluing your car and nit picking saying it isn’t going to sell for much and then turning around and selling it at a huge markup and telling the owner all kinds of stories about how perfect it is. Yuck. I hate buying cars, and I hate buying new cars even more.


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