LOL Cats

I have discovered the joy of LOL cats. One of my friends forwarded me the link about a month ago and it seems to be everywhere now. The rate at which trends travel seems to get faster and faster as more people are online and are sharing information. It is also a testament to the lovability of cats (for thousands of years) that people keep finding new ways to celebrate and adore them. There was a flickr and blog phenomenon about a year ago called Furry Friday where bloggers would upload and post pictures of their cats. A cat appreciation meme so to speak. And that has kind of died out a bit, and now posting pictures of your cats on Caturday (Saturday) seems to be the norm. The LOL text can be added at the LOL cat site generator and you have to use the worst grammar and phonetic spelling possible. I call it cat-ebonics. It also might be more like a little kid’s way of spelling things. And the comments are usually not at all what the photo is doing. It’s usually about imposing some kind of human scenario on the cat in the picture. Why does this work? Because cat lovers agree that their pets are so smart that we think they really do think like us anyway. I’m just not sure what the next cat appreciation meme is going to be. The webbernet just keeps evolving in it’s love of cats.


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