Office Gifts – Corporate Sales Thank Yous

I have worked in corporate environments for the better part of the past 10 years and I can honestly say that nothing gets workers excited like free stuff. Likewise for sales customers, account contacts and PR relationships. Free stuff is the glue that binds us all together. Need your sales team to pick up the pace and meet quotas? Start a new monthly or weekly award. Want to reward a hard working employee but not with a raise? Get them a thank you pencil holder pen with thanks for all the hard work on it. Want to make your customers remember how you play golf every summer together? Send some golf balls with a special promotional deal attached. Got trade shows coming up? Yikes, order a couple thousand of everything to hand out at the event. People bring bags of this stuff back to the office with them and hand it out like it’s rationed gold. Then they stare at it on their desk for the next 5 years and remember your company. There are so many great ways to use what would otherwise be Tchotchkes in business. A great site I saw that had a lot of great custom plaques, achievement awards, sales gifts and executive gifs was I am going to order a few things for the clients I work with. Sometimes it is nice to say thank you for their business for no reason at all.


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