Steppenwolf Theater

I went to Steppenwolf theater in Chicago last night to see a play, “Osage County“. It was a long play, at 3.5 hours, but the time flew by really quickly because so much happens so quickly in this show. It follows the Weston family after the father passes away and all the secrets that the family had been keeping come out and all kinds of craziness ensues. It starts off in a way that everyone thinks, hey my family is like that too. But then things get a whole lot worse for the characters and there are plot twists and turns that I never would have guessed to happen. I think that it is like many of our families with inherent flaws but amplified to a heightened level for the sake of the drama and the time allotted. It was gripping though, and all the actors in the piece were truly believable as these characters. I highly reccomend seeing it or any of the Steppenwolf Theater Plays. They put on some amazing work and everyone should go see it. I noticed that the seating for the show was not sold out, and there were about 10% of the seats open. I wondered why? The price of tickets was not bad at all, and this was amazing theater. Everyone should go see a few plays every year, and I think Steppenwolf is the place to start.


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