AT&T (ATT) Sucks, and here’s why…

I have been a cell phone customer of AT&T (ATT) since the last time it was AT&T Wireless.  bought my first Nokia cell phone in 1999 from them and have been loyal and stayed with them through many name changes and buyouts (Cingular). What makes them suck though, isn’t that their plans cost too much, or that they lock you into 2 year contracts that I don’t like (and renew them without your consent) or that they have crappy customer service. Those things are pretty consistent from all cell phone companies, and no one has any control over it.

What specifically sucks about AT&T wireless is that if you choose to not have web access on your phone you get a pay per use rate. Even if you don’t want any access at all, and specifically request (as I have) to have all web and internet access turned off on your phone. So despite my asking to have the internet access turned off 3 times and being assured that it was, three times, my phone still automatically dials up to check the network for texts (they bundle the internet and text network together on purpose so you can’t have one without the other for revenue purposes) constantly and charges me nine cents each time. Depending on how often my phone is off during a month this amounts to $30-$75.00 in extra “pay per use” charges per month. WHICH IS FUCKING INSANE!! They have been doing this to me for 7 months now and I AM PISSED OFF!!! I can’t get out of the contract, nor can I get them to turn the service off after repeated calls to their call center customer service center. So, I have to have my battery out of my phone when I’m not using it now to avoid these illegal and unauthorized charges. Which means I am basically without a cell phone despite paying them $75.00 per month for my phone plan. (which for 3 phones is the cheapest plan they have, although it’s way way overpriced)

These cell phone companies are rolling in cash to the tune of being able to burn billions on re-branding campaigns every three months and it’s because they abuse the customers like you and me who can’t really afford to not have a phone, and have to pay whatever is in the contract because you can’t afford to get out of that either. They are evil mother fuckers and as soon as I can get out of this contract I’m gone and I will never use their service again.


Yet more proof that AT&T Sucks, they are being sued for false advertising…

And more court troubles for AT&T for lying about their coverage… (bad marketers)

And they let the government snoop on you without a warrant…

And now their DSL Sucks too!


13 thoughts on “AT&T (ATT) Sucks, and here’s why…

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  2. I’m calling shenanigans on nearly everything you said here.

    I can’t sit by and watch someone whine and whine about the results of their own decisions.
    “Their plans cost too much”, yet you’ve returned for 8 years! You refuse to take responsibility for your consumption, and yet you’ve resigned 4 times. How can we feel sorry for you? Find me any company with over 60 million customers, and I’ll show you somebody who is doing at least, some things right.

    “They lock you in…and renew them without your consent”. This is laugh out loud silly. If by lock you in, you mean that you signed an agreement, an agreement in short means you AGREE with their publicly listed terms and agreements. As for your consent, use common sense. If such a violation occurred demand to see a signature.

    As for your web issue. Sounds bogus from the ground up. Phones don’t “Dial In” for text. They are not 56k modems, SMS or texts, arrive on their own independant delivery method. No data is used. Don’t believe me? Look at my bill with over 1500 messages and ZERO data used. Hmm? You do have proof of these supposed unauthorized and illegal charges, it’s called an itemized bill. Each and every sent/received kilobyte, time and date is accounted for. Sure accidents happen, but I’m willing to bet that you have traceable downloads and data logs listed on your phone that directly correspond with your usage. If not, why not blow the lid off this conspiracy and notify the Attorney General OR contact the manufacturers of the phones. Do you think computer manufacturers would allow their PCs to take part in “dialing in” scams? No, then why would manufacturers, who often deal in other industries want to take part in something they wouldn’t benefit from? They wouldn’t/don’t.

    Here’s a tip that doesn’t involve whining and pounding a “whole thing” of Ben & Jerry’s. Go to a local company owned store and request an Web/Text Block, have them print you a receipt. The receipts are itemized by phone number. Step two, resist urge to rant online, and save the receipt.


  3. Thanks for making a lot of crap points that don’t make sense. Glad to hear that all the stupid people of the world are reading my blog.

    Yes the problem is real, go fuck yourself. I finally got the medianet turned off after 5 calls to ATT customer service. That was extremley bad customer service to not tell me on the first 4 calls that my text plan included multimedia messaging that I never asked for or wanted. So, while you are inhaling a a gallon of really bad ice cream and jerking off for internet porn, check out the consumerist for all the other very real stories of consumers who have been taken advantage of by huge companies that thought they could get away with it because people wouldn’t post their experiences on the internet for the world to see. Have a nice day asshole.

  4. Ever sonce Cingular became AT&T, EVERYTHING has gone downhill. I cannot even receive calls inside my home. Calls are frequently dropped, but even worse than that, some calls are never dialed ar all. It is like if you stand in place and face East, you get a signal. But if you rotate in place and face North, you get nothing at all. If I sit up in bed, I get a signla. If I then proceed to lie down in bed, the signal goes away.

    It is ridculous. Calls are constantly being dropped. Their advertising is totally bogus as I now havefewer bars and more dropped calls.

    Their customer service ranges from mildly knowledable to completly clueless.

    BTW, I sued them and won, so there are ways to fight back)

    • I used to have Cingular Wireless and it worked great … until AT&T took them over. Then like you, calls were dropped left and right. I just quit and refused to pay. They left me alone after a while.

      Then I got Cellular One. It too worked great … until AT&T bought them. Now my phone is down half the time, I am about to cancel again. Too bad too cause I like the phone itself, just wish it worked.

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  7. +1, AT&T sucks. Here is the reason. I have AT&T internet access and one day we moved to another apartment. We called AT&T to ask about transferring and everything – they said that we gonna have internet back on Tuesday before 8 pm. I waited up to friday, set up my modem and there was no internet at all!!! I wait about 3-4 hours and its appeared but then after couple of hours its gone again! I was like “wtf?”. Then my Dad called them and they said we have our router not set… How come interned worked b4?… Then they said something to do with router…And in 2 hours I got my internet back… Also when you call them, they have there a voice machine which talks to you… I feel like I’m talking to my refrigerator. “Can you please repeat what you just said” all the time machine saying that….

  8. Funny shit about the shitty service of ATT , Cingular was great for awhile, heres the thing , when I had cingular I didnt have to have bundled programs ,like medianet / text messaging , I had text messaging and got a wic block which blocked medianet , not anymore, ATT bundles that shit , because they know you will accidentally hit the media button and the internet will be turned on for hours before you see it, that means bytes recieved from them is easy revenue , and you will see it on your bill . Customer service ,lol! Why not just tell me mahatma ghandi is on the other line , because I get sent to dothead land everytime I call these slurpy fucks and they dont understand any english! No ATT sucks bigtime now, I miss text messaging , but if I have to get media net also ,fuck it!

  9. I’m being stalked. I have no AT&T service and they keep calling my home with a recorded “pay your bill” recording. I have complained and I get the same clueless customer service. I have filed the do not call form (again)and they have 30 days to get me off their list. This has been going on since the fall of last year.
    I can’t find the ramifications if they continue to call me on the FCC’s site. Anyone??????


  10. Yeah, AT&T sucks dick. Their wireless internet is a piece of shit, no joke. I’d be better off with fucking dial-up than their shitty internet. Goddamn.
    Sprints wireless internet is a hell of a lot better. I dunno about phone service, but my bet is that it could be a lot better as well.

  11. Hi folks! I work for AT&T and I can assure you that their services all suck! Sure the benefits are great but get & try to use them and you will be gone. Their Workers Comp insurance carrier “Sedgwick” sucks too. As a technician in repair, I can tell you why your service / phone/ DSL/ U-verse sucks. First of all the outside phone cable is old and dates back to the 1960’s. You only get about 20 to 30 yrs out of the cable until it deteriates. The white wires always crumble first. The only time that I have ever seen new cable installed is when there is storm damage or when it is a new neighbor hood with new houses. I can assure you that the AT&T employees are not at fault, it is all of managements doing. I the technician am not allowed to spend the $ thousands of dollars to replace your phone cable. I am only a peon & treated as such every day. I dont care how good of an employee you are management will still beat you down daily and tell you how lucky you are to have a job. Sure I make good money but my quality of life sucks too! Mandatory over-time 60+ hours a week. The only one enjoying my money is my wife, thats it. I was treated better in the Army. It doesnt matter what good deads customer service does for you because management will come back and over-ride their decision every time on the computer. They only allow us technicians 2 hrs to fix your phone which is hardly enough time to get it fixed right the first time., this also includes the drive time & talking with the customer. AT&T’s moto is “We always have time to go back”. “Just put a bandaid on it”! Oh and lets not forget about the lies customer (HAS) to tell you. Management even lies on us technicians with trumped up charges to give us days off. Im glad that I am close to retirement because I have had enough of these jerks. Looks like were going on strike 4/9/2012 and I hope it brings them to their knees! The last time we went on strike they had their suit and tie managers trying to fix phones, what a joke. It took us a month to fix all of their screw-ups after the strike. The company is also racist. You hardly see any black technicians in the field, so the company makes up for it by puting them in the office. Alot of people are stuck working there especialy the 20 yr olds because they have bought new cars, bass boats & $200 houses. When they get fired they have to file bancrupcy. This is not the place to get your 20 yrs in anymore and that is sad. AT&T is sad. Ive noticed on alot of these blogs on how people will comment on how good AT&T is when in all reality they are really AT&T managers poseing as Joe Blow in an effort to do damage control on the companies reputation. Alot of info here but the real truth.

  12. The only way your dial-tone, DSl or even U-Verse will work properly is if you are less than 1,000 feet from the telephone central office. That is the only promise I can make and gurantee! Hence, the longer the cable the more trouble you will have. People that live in the country have the most problems over-all because the cable is as long as 5 miles. Thats alot of poles, terminals and splices to inspect with a 125 lb ladder. Low income neighborhoods are the last to get new cable up-grades too. I cant prove that on paper but in my life & work experiences it is the truth! I always tell the truth.

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