Marketing & Advertising Bias

I have worked with marketing and online advertising for over 5 years and one thing I can’t seem to get away from is marketing and advertising bias. There are 3 types of bias that cloud marketing decisions and ad buying, and here’s is how it might muck up your company’s plans:

Our company is the greatest ever – bias!

This is frustrating when a company is so busy reafirming itself in the mirror or blowing smoke up executives arses that it misses the crucial information from consumers about their products and services that may be failing. Then when the shit does hit the fan and sales drop, traffic plummets and the web is all about how your company “sucks arse” you have some kind of weak customer retention plan or research into why this market phenomenon is happening that is too little too late and has too few teeth. Just own up to your weaknesses and failings for god sake. No one is perfect and consumers realize it. Just like a celebrity can bare all and ask for an appology and make a comeback, a company can too, but it has to be real and genuine. People aren’t stupid and if your product or service still sucks in it’s new self efaccing shiny packaging, they still won’t buy it.

Cheapest is best for everyone, quality doesn’t matter, only profits do.

Get some balls and do the right thing and make the tough decision to go with the more expensive better for the consumer option for god’s sake.  This way of thinking is like a STD you get from MBA school that is incurable and eventually kills you years down the line. I openly hate people who think and act like this. It’s not all about you asshole! It’s about the consumers. They deserve your best products and best services and then they will reward you with not only returning to buy more and more, they will recommend your company or site to their friends, family and neighbors. Yes people still socialize offline in person these days, and this is what they talk about. Which companies, products and stuff they like and which ones they hate. Please save yourself the PR nightmare and do the right thing from the beginning!

This media is the best, because I say so, I like my rep, or I like their site personally.

This is frustrating because it has no bearing on what the ads actually impact or produce. Many companies waste billions this way one things like “branding” campaigns involving a lot of Prime Time TV media buys. Your agency will come up with 500 reasons to recommend the most ambiguous media in order to meet their yearly sales quota for a bonus. Expect to argue here, and expect it to get personal. This really needs to stop. It’s sick.


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