Adopt a Cat – Cat Nap from the Heart – Chicago Suburbs

I recently decided to adopt a cat because I don’t have any pets and I missed having a cat. When I moved out of my parent’s place my cats stayed with them, because cats don’t like moving much, and I was just starting out and stress over taking care of a pet would have been a bit much to figure out along with everything else at the time.

I found a cat shelter in LaGrange Park that is a no-kill shelter and has a lot of great cats available for adoption. (Cat Nap from the Heart)My folks got one of their cats there 2 years ago and I was suprised at how it has grown since then. They are the only no-kill shelter (the humane society does put pets down after a certain amount of time and they don’t get adopted, which is sad) in Cook County and for most of DuPage County. So it’s needless to say that they have a lot of calls from people who find cats as strays or have to give up cats because they don’t want them anymore. (which is also sad)

I realized that these no kill shelters save these cat’s and kitten’slives but they are cooped up in a cage the entire time they are there.  It’s better than no being alive, but they really need to be adopted. Plenty of people come in for the kittens because they get so many, but the 1-2 year old cats shouldn’t be forgotten. They are still spry and fun and don’t have the bahavior issues that a kitten might have as it’s growing up. I decided on Zeus who is a 2 year old buff color male shorthair and he is beautiful. I won’t have to worry about him while I’m at work because he is an adult and can be alone during the day where as a kitten needs 24 hour care and entertainment. I think that more people should consider going to Cat Nap for a pet in the chicagoland area and they should consider a full grown cat that will be a loving companion for years and a good fit for your lifestyle when you are at work all day like me.


2 thoughts on “Adopt a Cat – Cat Nap from the Heart – Chicago Suburbs

  1. I, too, recently adopted a pet from Cat Nap from the Heart – a 5 year old buff colored male. A real loverboy at that! A great place to go with many cats available. Give them a try!

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