James May’s 20th Century

I just found out about James May’s new show called “James May’s 20th Century“. I found it online since it isn’t broadcast here in the US. I am a huge fan of TopGear and I was excited to see that Kames got his own show to go explore more historical topics. He seems very much in his element on this show, and he gets to shine a bit more because he isn’t being picked on by Clarkson or Hammond. I have watched the first 3 of 4 shows and I have enjoyed them all. I brought them over to my parent’s house this evening and they got a kick out of them as well. But then again we are the James May target demographic. We are a bit geeky and proud of that. My dad is an engineer so going to events centered around planes, trains and automobiles was a regular part of growing up in our house. So we are not only watching these shows, we’re discussing them. My dad thought the bit about British war ships using odd patters to mimic perspective angles was pretty interesting because most people don’t know about that, and he had only seen a few pictures himself. We all enjoyed seeing the new Typhoon since it’s a British plane we don’t see here in the states. And we were impressed that within his ride he didn’t seem to puke at all. Which is rare in those type manuvers, and we salute him for that. I don’t know if James goes to Oshkosh or not, but my dad and brother will be wandering around the airfields ther next Saturday and I half expect James May to be there also.


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