Sicko – Michael Moore’s Latest Film

I just saw Sicko last night and I think it is a film that everyone in America should see. Like many of Michael Moore’s films, it seeks out an odd inconguity between what people believe and what is the truth. The movie takes an honest look at the lives of ordinary people who shared their stories of how insurance that they qualified for and paid for our of their own pockets did not cover their heath and medical expenses and in some cases denied them health care that they needed that could have saved their lives. People don’t know what happens in large corporations, in boardrooms and behind the scenes in companies that serve the public. They don’t know that these companies and many others that have a public face of “we are here to help you” really don’t care about anything but money. And maximizing growth in the shortest time possible. Many of these people were denied health care coverage on tests and procedures that they needed to save their lives at the same time that insurance companies cheered employees that found ways to deny coverage and didn’t care if it caused death. It scares me that my insurance could be like this too and that the intent of insurance isn’t fulfilled anymore. If you are insured you probably fear using it, because you know you will be stuck with most the costs anyway yourself. And Hospital systems charge such exorbitant prices for care that there is no way you will ever be able to pay it yourself. So why have insurance at all? Why do I pay 300 bucks a month for my company’s health care plan? I don’t know really. It probably isn’t worth that. It would be cheaper and better for my health if I moved to Canada instead.


One thought on “Sicko – Michael Moore’s Latest Film

  1. I felt the same way when I watched it and the following day I was on the internet checking to see how to go about an american living in Canada or France. Watching the film I can’t see how anyone doesn’t feel disgusted about the United States health system and the government that cheers them on.

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