Time to give up the fight…

I just wanted to post that I am going to stop taking classes at Second City. I know that several of you have been entertained by the writing I have done about being a business person emersed in these improv and acting classes over the past 2 years, but sometimes you just find that several reasons are pulling you to a decision and these are the ones I have been led to this by: 

1. It’s hard to be good at this if you have a day job. It’s the kind of thing you need 24/7 immersion in to learn, especially when you don’t have any acting or improv background like myself. I will never be a person who gives up my day job to do Improv and live as a starving artist. And there’s a certain negativity about people in the scene that do hve day jobs and make a good living. Its an odd sense of distain for people like me that they would rather not have around dragging their process and productions down. 

2. It’s costly. $265 per class every other month adds up. 

3. I was told by a classmate that they didn’t think I was really putting much into it: translate this into “please leave” so it’s easier/more fun for the rest of us. 

4. It’s hard to justify the time on this when work is hectic. I am not the best multitasker in the world, and when work is crazy all I think about is work. When Improv was crazy all I thought about was Improv. It’s not really a symbiotic relationship. I just can’t guarantee that I will always have a lot of time several nights a week to do something that isn’t essential to my survival or career. 

5. The people are fun, but many of them come with qualities I’m not good with. Like excessive crudeness and disgusting low level humor. You would think second city would be all about political humor and satire, the home of smart funny, but the 2 biggest laughs in the sketch my group wrote were lines about a lunch lady being finger banged and a gay camper blowing the wildlife. It’s just not my style. I can’t help that. Add to that a rampant drug culture and a constant competitiveness that is beyond odd when there aren’t more than 3 or 4 paying gigs to compete for in Chicago. 

I guess I hate to leave something un-finished like this (since I won’t be completing level 4 and 5 of the conservatory) but the thought of continuing with this without doing it as well as I would like is equally bad. I think this has been my shortest venture into a hobby learning type quest, but it’s also provided more insight into the creative process of entertinment as a whole and the Second City product.  So it’s been fun, but it’s definitley come to an end. Thanks for the memories…


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