Web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0? What is the difference?

I’m not sure exactly what Web 3.0 is yet. I am pretty cool with Web 2.0 as it relates to Web 1.0, but it hasn’t been that long on #2 yet. I would have expected to notice more evolutionary change if they were going to label it a whole new version…I think it’s just a marketing ploy to try and push the envelope really, because Web 2.0 wasn’t new enough to generate buzz about. And we all know that internet businesses make money off of Buzz, so they like to keep those exclusive wheels turning. If more than 10K people know what something is, it’s pase, and time to come up with something new and groundbreaking and very exclusive among geeks that secretly want to be billionaire entrepreneurs.

Web 1.o was all about static content, one way publishing of content without any real interaction between readers or publishers or eachother. It was also known for frames, page re-loads every time you want to see something new or update it, and really bad usability. It also wasn’t a trackable web. Blame Google for changing that. Search in my opinion is from 1.o but is still relevant in 2.0 and 3.o.

Web 2.o is more about 2 way communication through social networking, blogging, wikis, tagging, user generated content and video. It’s also about combining it all in the same space/page via ajax, tracking via javascript and pixels, and better usability via lots of white space, and a cleaner layout, smaller fonts and a lack of frames. Some people put the word disruptive in this category but in all honesty web 1.o was plenty disruptive too. Remember when you discovered the Yahoo! directory listings. You were pretty excited weren’t you? Yes you were, admit it. The API ability for people (who are programmers) to mash up data feeds and databases to cross reference information from multiple sources in one page or service is also a web 2.0 favorite. Trust me, looking for a condo on craigslist is 100 x easier on craigslist mashup maps.

Web 3.0 is curiusly undefined. Some say it has something to do with AI and the web learning what you want and delivering you a personalized web experience. All that archiving on someone is a bit scary legally and just creepy if you ask me. It also may have to do with the web getting off your computer and going with you to more places, like through your phone, an iPod, a TV, your watch or your car. Google wants to be accessible anywhere to organize ALL your information and send you ads as you try and fall asleep on the train. (we will ignore them then too) Others say it has to do with “semantic” web or search meaning natural language that a non programmer would understand. This is something that has been promised since 1995 and like visual search, hasn’t really happened yet. I think that is a ways off. You need an analyst’s brain downloaded to do that.

So, I am just jumping on the hype bandwagon now…so I know what’s coming, before it hits me in the next disruptive clash.


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