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I have decided to start another blog with the knowledge that I have gained on this blog over the past year. I have over 500 posts here on wordpress and I have between 50 and 150 visitors per day. I know that is small compared to millions that big sites get but it is a start, and it’s specicifically people who are searching or reading my blog for the information I publish. My new blog is about Chicago Entertainment and Fun in the City. I hope to cover a number of topics including a wide variety of Chicago topics like fine dining, bars, sports, politics, tourism, history and events in Chicago. I am sure since I live here I will have plenty to post about. It will take a while to accumulate stories and information, but take a gander, sign up for updates and read along as I build my next site and blog. And, thanks for reading!


One thought on “Chicago Blog Site

  1. In the nightlife business, ego tends to drive people more than worrying about the details, the party and the product, so we really strive to keep our ego under wraps and work together with all of our business partners to create a collective vision, which is sometimes direct and sometimes a compromise.

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