Unemployment Numbers by County

Today the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) released county unemployment numbers for the US and in that announcement was this list of cities with the largest numbers of unemployed people.  I live in Chicago so, Cook County in IL is the place I’m curious about and here it is #2 on the list with over 2.5 Million (out of about 9 Million in Chicago) who are unemployed.

How is this possible? That is an astounding number of unemployed people.  The only place that has more unemployed people than Chicago is Los Angeles.  Anyone who thinks we don’t have a job problem in this country is wrong. I can’t believe that this many working age people are out of work. How do they survive? How can our country let them fall through the cracks while China gets all the wages? Do workers expect too much therefore forcing jobs overseas? It is amazing to me that there is that much manpower and mindpower sitting idle in this country right now.  Imagine the work we could do together given the chance! 

And if you are an employer looking for a hub of operations for your company that requires a large number of employees, look no further than these cities and counties. They have exactly what you want and need. And with unemployment this high, I don’t think they will be too demanding on wages and benefits either. We need to put America back to work. Another thing I wonder about is the correlation between these cities and drug use and drug trafficking. (In addition to these cities/counties having the largest populations)

 I wonder how much the unemployment is affected by a general apathy for work created by what drugs do to someone who is addicted? Will employers in this country have to have rehab facilities in house or on site? Is that a benefit if you can get rehabbed while working? Is this one of the causes of the unemployment overall? I am just wondering, I really don’t have any data to back this up, but I am still curious since I see so many homeless people in Chicago begging for change for drug money.

December 2006 US County Employment

ALL United States ….. 135,933,200

Los Angeles, Calif. . 4,2425,00

Cook, Ill. ………. 2,569,900

New York, N.Y. …… 2,359,800

Harris, Texas ……. 1,993,900

Maricopa, Ariz. ….. 1,854,500

Orange, Calif. …… 1,519,100

Dallas, Texas ……. 1,490,200

San Diego, Calif. … 1,335,200

King, Wash. ……… 1,173,000

Miami-Dade, Fla. …. 1,032,700


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