You are what you read – CEO Libraries

This article in the Wall Street Journal talks about what books CEOs read and how they help them lead the companies they run. It is interesting because no one ever thinks of the CEO needing guidance. He or She is the one that is supposed to be guiding us right? But a lot of knowledge can be gleaned from reading about other leaders. Whether it is historical war heroes, philosophers¬†or other business titans, they all have a strategy to share that might be applicable in your business. Some though don’t read business books at all and prefer to read creative works to inspire rather than to strategize. I have worked for companies that the CEO’s literary choices drove the company by way of strategy and by required reading. The choices were mostly from the best seller list though, nothing too obscure or creative there.

On some level I think everyone desires their own personal library. A place that is your own personal sanctuary with a feeling of comfort and studiousness. Few of us make enough money to devote an entire room to books and learning. (except CEOs and other C level executuves) In the mean time the rest of us will keep on reading at a less frenzied pace and keep our personal business library on a bookshelf in the living room.


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